Business Owners & Franchises

The Entrepreneur Coaching Program

ball-163345_640Having a coach during the critical first two years of the business is an extremely cost effective way for a new business owner to confidently launch, and steadily grow their new enterprise. With the substantial investment being made by a business owner/franchisee, typically in a business they are not familiar with, a critical consideration is to reduce risk.

The Business Owner (Owner) and the Coach collaborate on:

  • Clarifying the objectives, milestones and time frames for success
  • Focusing their talent and their time to achieve maximum leverage
  • Building structures and systems to support their endeavors
  • Capitalizing on the opportunities and challenges that present themselves


The Owner uses the business model supplied by the franchiser/ licensor and takes full advantage of the training, materials and systems that are part of the business package. The Coach provides experience, perspective and accountability to keep the franchisee / licensee clear on their business objectives, and focused on the actions that will produce the desired results.

The Business Owner receives the Coaching Program materials including a prework assignment for their review and completion. The Coach schedules communication with the owner at mutually convenient times and at a pace that is comfortable for the owner. The initial sessions are focused on establishing the owner’s goals, and identifying and focusing their talents and strengths for maximum advantage. Each communication is a professional and penetrating look at the complex, moving parts of the business, and the owner’s activities and progress in achieving the agreed upon goals. The coaching style is enjoyable, supportive and results-oriented.

Investing in a business is not for the faint of heart. The dollars can easily top $250,000 when you include a franchise fee, leasehold commitments, equipment, salaries and lost income. Engaging an experienced entrepreneur coach to keep the goals clear and assist the Franchisee in seizing on the opportunities, and navigating around the pitfalls is a sound investment.

Case Study:  For coaching members of the Sign Biz Network, a worldwide chain of click-and-mortar sign manufacturers, Paul developed a custom workshop covering real life issues. His program helps participants enjoy a return on the sessions in terms of both the bottom line of the business as well as the quality of their lives. Part consultant, part therapist, part motivational speaker and part rent-a-friend, Paul gives entrepreneurs the feedback they are unlikely to get anywhere else. He helps small business owners with the daily challenges of just being an entrepreneur.

Fees vary depending on the scope of the engagement.