Knowing Your Clients

Knowing Your Clients


The Total Practice Review provided you with an overview of your business by looking at; production, assets, clients, how you feel about your business, your quality of life, and where you’d like to be in three years, two years, one year along with some specific goals for the next 30, 60 and 90 days. So the overall landscape has been assessed, and some direction and action steps have been established.

Now we’re going to look closely at one of the most crucial elements of your business. portf3Knowing your clients.

It sounds like a fairly basic and simple concept and yet so many financial advisors, and other business professionals too, seem to overlook it, or don’t fully grasp it’s significance. Typically, they work so hard at identifying and closing a piece of business, which at it’s root is an individual or group they’ve gotten to know, and then once closed, they move on to the next potential conquest.

What they don’t seem to fully understand is that this new client has a wealth of information about themselves that is still unknown. And surrounding these new clients is a treasure trove of contacts, experiences, people and potential that is being left untapped.  Read More

Identifying Your Unique Offering


shadow-113391_640Many would say that financial services is, and is becoming more so, a commodity business. I disagree. For every investment situation that presents itself, for every market fluctuation, there are varied opinions and prognostications expressed with absolute authority. And, as often as not, many are off the mark.

The ultimate factor forming and deciding your uniqueness is you! You have unique knowledge, education, experiences, behavior, personality, skills, attitudes, habits and much more. And you bring those resources to bear on every situation you encounter. This would explain the differing points of view expressed by different people. In the same way you like some people and others not so much, surprise, surprise, other people feel the same way about you. The objective is to get absolutely clear on who you are and the kinds of people you enjoy, and only do business with them. People who understand and appreciate your value and who you are as a person. People who mesh well with you, and enjoy you. Read More

The Total Business Review


At the outset of any planning initiative it’s imperative to get a clear understanding of where you want to go, and where exactly you are today (the brutal facts). Most people have some ideas on where they want to go, however the difficulty seems to be facing the reality of their present situation, and determining the sequence of actions necessary to accomplish the journey.

If we begin with the question; what do we want the outcome to be, what do you want your business to look like in three years? And, once the three year goals are somewhat clear, where do you need to be at the end of year two, and year one?

Then if you go back to the brutal facts question; what does my business look like today, you’ll come face to face with the differences between your current present, and your desired future.

So let’s get some numbers on paper, so we can start the process.  Read More