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About E Odyssey, Inc.

  • Advice and Council For Executives & Entrepreneurs.
  • Clients: CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives, managers, and professionals.
  • Providing focused, pragmatic RESULTS.
  • Strategic thinking and a sounding board to validate direction and methods.
  • Since 1988, Paul Williams has advised over 1000 clients.
  • Industries served: manufacturing, high tech and financial services.

Message from CEO Paul Williams

ceoimgWhen I am asked to coach a client to reach a higher level, to get unstuck, to achieve a new level of professional and personal performance, a series of thoughtful conversations need to occur. What does the person want to achieve? What are their current circumstances? What are they focused on? What are their daily behaviors? Are their beliefs and actions in alignment with their expressed goals? What’s being said and what’s not being said? Objective feedback and honesty is paramount!  Is the person willing to look at things differently, examine their beliefs and potentially change their behavior? It’s not always about doing more. It’s about being different as a person, and believing, behaving and doing things in alignment with who they are!  

You’re successful.

Now you ask yourself, “Where do I go from here? And how?”

Or …

You have a specific opportunity or challenge you need to deal with.

Talk it through.

You’d like someone to talk to, to explore possibilities, directions and strategies.

Strategic thinking.

Someone to be objective, yet focused on helping you get the RESULTS you want!

Create value.

See economic improvement in the business condition.

Great Support

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Our clients make us proud. Read what they have to say about Paul Williams and E Odyssey, Inc.
  • I enjoyed reading your book, The Million Dollar Practice. Your common sense, disciplined approach helped me achieve Chairman's Club status the last couple of years. Thanks Again!

    Jim Fasi Senior Vice President - UBS
  • I have engaged Paul for two assignments; one as a personal coach when I was looking to take my Wealth Management practice to a new level, and secondly as the Business Practice Coach of 230 Wealth Management client facing professionals I managed for an international investment bank. In both instances I achieved the desired results. My businesses grew resulting in the attendant professional rewards, but more importantly personal fulfillment for many. I highly endorse Paul as a business consultant / professional coach. I am confident you will find as I did the investment was well worthwhile.

    John Dudzik Managing Director, Head of Business Development - Octagon Credit Investors
  • Paul has en easy going way of identifying and addressing business critical issues with his clients. this allows for the removal of growth obstacles and the acceleration of business plan execution. i highly recommend Paul for motivated professionals looking to get to the next level.

    Paul Colligan Senior Vice President - Oppenheimer
  • It is not because he is an expert in my product, micro-abrasive blasting, that I have worked with Paul Williams for the past 11 years. It is that he causes me to recognize what I already know, and then act on it. He truly is a "catalyst" for pulling the issues out of my subconscious or inactive zones and into an action list. The proof is in the value he has helped me create here at Comco.

    Neil Weightman, President - Comco Inc.

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